Dr. Phil sues National Enquirer for $250M over spousal abuse articles

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – “Dr. Phil” McGraw and The National Enquirer are lining up for a courtroom brawl after the television talk-show host and his wife filed a $250 million lawsuit against the supermarket tabloid and its sister publications, charging that they falsely accused him of being an abusive husband and a hypocrite who doesn’t practice what he preaches.

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The lawsuit was filed last week in Palm Beach County, Florida, against the Enquirer, its owner American Media Inc. and sister publications, Star Magazine and the website Radar Online. According to the suit, the publications damaged McGraw’s reputation by falsely accusing the TV psychologist of physically and verbally abusing his wife, Robin.

The articles also said that Robin McGraw tolerated the abuse and that the couple are getting divorced. The suit also says the Enquirer falsely accused McGraw of busting a man’s head with a beer mug during a drunken melee while in college in the early 1970s.

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The suit says such allegations unjustly harm the McGraws’ reputation as outspoken opponents of spousal abuse. It adds that Robin McGraw started a foundation aimed at helping battered spouses and that the couple’s marriage is solid.

McGraw, 65, hosts the popular Dr. Phil talk show, where the booming-voiced Texan is known for passing out folksy advice to guests with various problems. He also produces “The Doctors” and other TV shows and publishes bestselling diet and self-help books. Forbes Magazine ranks him as the world’s fourth-highest-paid celebrity, with annual earnings of $88 million.

“Dr. and Mrs. McGraw, after enduring years of the National Enquirer, Star and other American Media Inc. publications knowingly and recklessly printing outrageous lies about them, their marriage, their integrity and their character,have finally concluded that enough is enough and too much is too much,” their attorney, Lin Wood, said in a statement.

American Media said in a statement that it will defend itself and will expose Phil McGraw’s “stale and fraudulent claims for what they really are.”

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“It’s a delicious irony that Dr. Phil, whom a California judge has called a ‘charlatan’ and the Daily Beast has called a ‘quack’ whose ‘unseemly melange of exploitation, celebrity parasitism and credential mining goes back years’ has filed a lawsuit against AMI and accused it of being a ‘trashy tabloid,’” the statement said. “This from the man who visited Britney Spears in the hospital in 2008, then issued a public statement about the visit in violation of her family’s trust.”

The judge’s comments came in 2010 after McGraw featured on his show a couple who had shoplifted more than a million dollars of goods.

According to the lawsuit, since 2003 the Enquirer and its sister publications have published more than 85 articles about the McGraws, an average of one every two months, accusing them of felonies, hypocrisy and professional misconduct. The lawsuit says the stories are false or exaggerated and aimed at increasing what it said are American Media’s shaky finances.

“Those articles were manufactured and published to increase corporate revenues and profits at the unlawful financial, reputational, and emotional expense of its targets, while simultaneously using their names, likenesses, and fame as a buzz-creating and revenue-generating catalyst,” the lawsuit says.

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The lawsuit says that the McGraws and American Media reached a two-year agreement in 2013 stipulating that the couple would not sue the company if it stopped running articles about them. The lawsuit says that shortly after the agreement expired late last year, the Enquirer and Star again ran a story that the McGraws contend is false.

The lawsuit says the story accuses Phil McGraw of smashing a man’s head with a beer mug during a drunken brawl while he was a student at Texas Tech University in the 1970s. The lawsuit says the nightclub where the brawl allegedly took place didn’t open until six years after McGraw graduated and didn’t get a liquor license until 2009.

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6 activities to help you cope during Montreal’s summer heat wave

The sun is shining, and temperatures soaring – that means summer is really upon us.

Experts are warning Montrealers to take care of themselves during the current heat wave, as well as stay hydrated and safe in the sun.

“It’s very important to do daily sun protection. Not even on sunny days, but every day,” said Dr. Beatrice Wang, director of the melanoma clinic at the Royal Victoria Hospital of the MUHC.

READ MORE: Sun safety: reducing your risk of health issues from heat stroke to melanoma

But once you slap on the sunscreen and grab that hat and bottle of water, it doesn’t have to be all serious business.

Here are six things you can do to cope during this heat wave:

Christine Latreille’s young son at the Aquaciel park in Lasalle.

Christine Latreille/Strollerparking长沙夜网

ChangSha Night Net

Go to a park/splash pad

It seems like a simple tip, but parks are perhaps the easiest place to cool down as a family.

Just in case you can’t decide which park you want to go to, stay-at-home mother Christine Latreille has tested — and blogged about — almost every park on the island of Montreal.

“You want to keep the young families interested in coming to your city,” she told Global News.

“Pack a picnic and spend the whole day there.”

READ MORE: 5 amazing parks to take your kids to this summer

A cyclist ride his bike along the Lachine Canal in Montreal.


Have a picnic

The Lachine canal is a perfect picnic spot — but surprisingly, not a lot of people take advantage of it.

It’s right by the water, so it’s cooler than being in the heart of downtown.

Not only can you walk or bike to Atwater market for a snack, but there are enough trees to sit under and read a book and plenty of sun to play soccer or toss a football around.

Cinéma sous les étoiles.

Cinéma sous les étoiles/Facebook

Go to an outdoor cinema

This one is more for an evening outing — but when the heat sticks around past the sunset, grab a drink and head to an outdoor cinema.

There are screenings at many green spaces across city, so check your neighbourhood websites — best of all, they’re free.

It’s all about Bubble Madness for these soccer players.

Caroline Demers

Try an unusual sport

Have you ever gone swimming with a mermaid tail or played soccer while wrapped in a plastic bubble?

Montrealers are getting creative when it comes to finding new ways to play traditional sports.

READ MORE: 5 unusual sports to try this summer

A horse-drawn carriage in front of Place Jacques Cartier in Old Montreal.

CP PHOTO/Paul Chiasson

Join a free walking tour

What better way to discover the city than to take part in a free walking tour of Montreal?

Not only will you get to meet tourists from all over the world, but you might learn a thing or two — tour guides can answer any and all questions about the city’s history, architecture and more.

Many of the tours start in the Old Port and will take you on a whirlwind tour of the city’s biggest monuments and most interesting corners.

Bathers bob in the wave pool to beat the heat.


Go for a swim

It’s summer, it’s hot — go for a swim.

If you’re not lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, check your neighbourhood websites for swim times and schedules.

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Chilling Facebook Live video captures shooting of three men in Virginia

A Virginia man appears to have captured his own shooting on a Facebook Live stream Tuesday night, authorities said.

Norfolk police are continuing to investigate the shooting that sent three men – two age 27 and the other age 29- to hospital with life threatening injuries. Police said in a statement Wednesday morning the two of the men were “doing better, but one is still listed in critical condition.”

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“During the shooting incident, one of the men inside the car was broadcasting a live video to Facebook,” police said. “This video has been confirmed to be of the actual shooting incident.”

In the video posted to Facebook by user T.J. Williams, three men can be seen smoking in a car while listening to rap music.

READ MORE: Philando Castile’s girlfriend speaks out after fatal shooting, says police ‘took his life for no reason’

The music is interrupted after roughly five minutes as a series of gunshots ring out and the camera falls to the ground.

“Call an ambulance, please,” a man can be heard saying, following the gunshots.

A person is then heard again calling for an ambulance and informing the dispatcher that three people have been shot.

“Stay calm, stay relaxed,” a male voice is heard telling one of the injured victims. “Stay relaxed, don’t go to sleep.

“Give me your hand. Stay relaxed, I got you. You stay with me, stay with me. It’s going to be alright. They coming, they coming to get you,” the man says. “Everyone keep their eyes open, keep listening to my voice.

READ MORE: Philando Castile’s girlfriend livestreams moments after fatal Minnesota police shooting

After roughly 12 minutes, first responders can be heard in the background. The video continues for more than an hour as the screen goes black and a beeping sound can be heard before the battery presumably dies.

“At approximately 6:10 p.m., Norfolk dispatchers received a call for gunshots heard in the 900 block of Bainbridge Boulevard,” police said in a statement. “As police responded to the scene, the call was quickly updated to possibly three gunshot victims. Upon arrival, officers located three men inside a vehicle suffering from apparent gunshot wounds.”

Police are asking are asking anyone who may have information about this shooting incident to contact the Norfolk Crime Line.

The chilling video follows the fatal police shooting of Philando Castile in Minnesota last week, the aftermath of which was broadcast on Facebook Live by his girlfriend Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds.

The video was viewed millions of times and renewed debate about police use of force, particularly against minorities.

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Plans to demolish Kinsmen Play Village temporarily on hold

One resident’s determination to stop the City of Saskatoon from demolishing the Kinsmen Play Village is holding strong.

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  • Petition created to save Kinsmen Park Playground from deconstruction

    Kinsmen Play Village in Saskatoon will soon be history

    Mother and University of Saskatchewan associate law professor Robin Hansen created a petition on July 5 to reopen the Kinsmen Play Village.

    “I started this with no expectations, but I have been really amazed by the love people have for this park,” Hansen said.

    READ MORE: Petition created to save Kinsmen Park Playground from deconstruction

    She met with Ward 1 Coun. Darren Hill at the playground earlier this week to present her case and the petition.

    “I think no matter what, this petition merits a detailed and direct response from city council because clearly this is an issue people care about,” Hansen explained.

    After the meeting, city administration decided to postpone the demolition for two weeks.

    It was originally scheduled to be taken down this week and 90 per cent of the equipment relocated to a Caswell Hill park.

    WATCH: Kinsmen Play Village in Saskatoon will soon be history

    The pause gives playground supporters enough time to present their case to city hall on July 18.

    “I need to show them that there is a better way, that we don’t just have to go along with the current plan., that we can actually come up with a much better plan,” Hansen said.

    The online petition has gained almost 1,000 signatures in nine days.

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Google users are asking ‘Who’s Jill Stein?’ The answer is: Clinton’s new problem

WASHINGTON – Interest in the U.S. Green party enjoyed a sudden, noticeable spike around 11:16 a.m. Tuesday. Google searches for its presumptive presidential nominee Jill Stein started skyrocketing – and increased tenfold during the day.

The surge in searches coincided with news that progressive hero Bernie Sanders was ending his presidential run, and urging his army of so-called Sanderistas to march behind the Democratic nominee: “Hillary Clinton will make an outstanding president,” he said, “and I am proud to stand with her today.”

But Clinton’s next challenge became evident even in her moment of triumph. As she shared a stage with Sanders in New Hampshire, people started searching for details on a lesser-known alternative.

WATCH: Clinton hoping to put email issue behind her even as Trump ramps up attacks

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Stein set out to milk the moment.

The physician and 2012 presidential also-ran invited dejected progressives to join her cause while tweeting running commentary on the Sanders-Clinton appearance, then conducted a question-and-answer session on Facebook.

“I am currently trending on both 桑拿会所 and Facebook. Why? Because Americans want more than warmongers and fools,” Stein tweeted. “Despite Hillary’s penchant for flip-flopping rhetoric, she’s spent decades serving the causes of the Wall Street, war, & Walmart economy.”

Stein’s platform calls for a 50-per-cent cut in military spending; a moratorium on genetically modified food, fracking, pipelines, and mining in the Arctic; the cancellation of the North American Free Trade Agreement; a major federally funded green-jobs program; and not only pardoning Edward Snowden but welcoming the espionage leaker home as a hero.

Her leftist party isn’t the only one involved in the scramble for Sanders supporters.

Searches for the Libertarian Gary Johnson increased fourfold on Tuesday. And then there was the man Stein apparently referred to as a fool, urging disappointed progressives to back him against the woman she’d called a warmonger.

READ MORE: Bernie Sanders expected to endorse Hillary Clinton but will his supporters follow suit?

Donald Trump filled reporters’ inboxes with statements with headlines like, “Selling Out: Bernie Endorses Wall Street,” and “Bernie Is Now Officially Part Of A Rigged System,” and he invited the spurned to turn to him.

Polling data offers mixed news for Clinton.

She might choose to see the glass as two-thirds full. Every major survey concludes she has the support of a clear majority of Sanders voters. Different polls show her getting anywhere from 63 to 85 per cent of them, depending on whether those surveys include third-party options.

Or she might see that glass as worryingly empty near the top. A layer of hardcore Sanders supporters remain determined to pour their votes into another electoral vessel. This could matter in tight races in swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida.

Remember Ralph Nader.

He was the Green party nominee four elections ago. People on the left are still debating whether his 2.8 million votes in 2000 cost Democrats the states of Florida and New Hampshire; gave George W. Bush the White House; and produced an era of environmental disengagement and a disastrous war in Iraq.

Nader surfaced Tuesday to comment on this campaign. He encouraged people once again to vote their conscience instead of for the least-worst candidate – in other words, Clinton. He blasted her as a “corporatist” and a “militarist.”

That sentiment rippled within progressive ranks.

When Sanders posted a note on his Facebook page urging people to support Clinton, he was met with virtual shouts. The most-liked statements in response, by far, bemoaned his decision to back the establishment rival.

Some even turned on Sanders.

READ MORE: Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid leaves mark on Canadian female politicians

Patrick Hall wrote: “You have to be the biggest sellout ever. She is literally everything you’ve been complaining about and your going to forget all of that in the name of partisan politics.” Another spurned supporter, Nicholas Alexander, wrote: “If you think the political revolution includes the Clintons then you misunderstand this revolution Mr. Sanders.”

Others praised him, with a significant caveat.

Jonathan Horton wrote: “I appreciate what you’re trying to do to make sure the lesser evil wins, Bernie, but I can’t do it. I can’t vote evil any more. I’m going Jill Stein and I hope she surprises everyone.” More than 12,000 people had liked that comment within a few hours.

Some declared their readiness to damn the electoral torpedoes.

“I’m not voting for Hillary,” Josh Boyd wrote.

“If Donald Trump becomes president in the process, so be it.”

Finally, some intended to make their feelings known through another channel – a smellier one.

A group of left-leaning Clinton critics reportedly plans a “fart-in” at the Democratic convention. Organized by an anti-poverty activist who was Stein’s Green party vice-presidential running mate in 2012, the group intends to sound its bean-fuelled displeasure over what it views as the Democratic nominee’s hot air, by releasing some hot air of its own.

Darcie Johnston, Trump’s campaign director in Vermont, said she looked into the legality of Laquerre’s status, and determined he’s eligible to serve as a delegate and did not launch a credentials challenge.

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Hepatitis C cure? Health Canada approves new drug

TORONTO – Health Canada has approved a drug being touted as a cure for hepatitis C, a disease believed to have infected hundreds of thousands of Canadians, many of whom are unaware they harbour the virus.

The drug, sold under the brand name Epclusa, is a once-daily pill taken for 12 weeks that can rid the body of all six strains of hepatitis C, a blood-borne virus that can lead to severe liver damage and liver cancer if left untreated.

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READ MORE: Baby boomers should be tested for hepatitis C

“This is really a cure,” Dr. Jordan Feld, a liver specialist at Toronto Western Hospital, said of the medication, also known by its generic chemical designation sofosbuvir-velpatasvir.

In a pre-approval clinical trial conducted by researchers led by Feld and published last November, 99 per cent of 624 patients given the drug were virus-free after three months.

The study looked at patients infected with one of five strains, or genotypes, of hepatitis C — 1,2,4,5 and 6. A second study of genotype 3 — an aggressive form most commonly found in people of South Asian descent — found the drug was effective in at least 90 per cent of cases, Feld said.

Previously approved treatments for chronic hepatitis C infection are not equally effective in combating the virus’ different forms. Testing to determine the particular genetic strain is required before treatment can start. As well, different drug combinations are required depending on whether a person has already developed cirrhosis or has certain other medical conditions.

Hepatitis C Overview | HealthGrove

Feld said because the combination of sofosbuvir-velpatasvir has been shown to work on all strains of the virus, it eliminates the need for such testing, which often delayed treatment and can be difficult to access for those living in rural or remote regions of the country.

“It’s important because if we’re going to address this at a public health level, we need to get (more) people, particularly primary-care physicians and even nurses, to start treating,” he said.

“And I think this is the first step to really making that feasible.”

Having the one-size-fits-all drug also means patients unable to easily access large urban health centres may not need to see a specialist in person.

WATCH: New drugs bring new hope to hepatitis C patients 

“I can now help a family doctor or even a nurse up in northern Canada somewhere treat the person locally,” Feld said. “They never need to see me, and the treatments are getting simple enough that it’s really straightforward and works for all populations.”

For instance, he is working with a health-care group in Sioux Lookout in northwestern Ontario to provide treatment to the largely First Nations population, which has rapidly spreading rates of hepatitis C due to high levels of injection drug use.

Hepatitis C is primarily transmitted through shared needles by IV drug users, contact with poorly sterilized medical equipment, and blood transfusions prior to 1992, after which all donations were tested for the virus following Canada’s tainted blood scandal.

READ THIS: Drug combo cures hepatitis C in 3 months: study

An estimated 250,000 to 400,000 Canadians are estimated to be infected with this “silent killer,” which can take decades to manifest symptoms of cirrhosis, including swollen legs and abdomen, and the yellow skin, eyes and urine related to jaundice.

It’s believed more than half of those infected are unaware and undiagnosed, said Feld, noting there’s a big public health push to get people born between 1945 and 1970 — baby boomers, essentially — to get tested for the virus.

“I can’t stress enough the importance of getting people out to get tested for this,” he said.

“We have a cure, but we can’t cure people we can’t diagnose.”

Dr. Morris Sherman, chair of the Canadian Liver Foundation, said Canada and other countries have committed to eliminating hepatitis C by 2030, but to accomplish that goal treatment rates need to be significantly boosted.

“Having a therapy that works for all genotypes will make treatment easier for both patients and physicians to manage,” Sherman said in a statement. “But it must be accessible, regardless of where someone lives or their ability to pay.”

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SGI doesn’t carry flood insurance, but there are other options for Sask. flood victims

The flood damage in Arborfield , Sask. and Estevan, Sask. means some residents will be making insurance claims, but there may be some issues for claimants.

SGI does offer optional coverage for flooding coming from sewage back-ups, but some people may be left high and dry.

“When it comes to damage from seepage or flooding, generally speaking, that isn’t covered by insurance,” SGI media relations manager Kelley Brinkworth said.

“Flood protection is a new product in the marketplace in Canada, so there are only a few insurers that do cover it. SGI Canada is not one of those insurers.”

If a person can’t tell whether damage was caused purely by flood waters or sewage back-up that resulted from a flood, Brinkworth said SGI may be able to provide some coverage.

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  • Estevan under state of emergency after city hit by heavy rainfall

  • 4 communities under states of emergency as Sask. flooding situation improves

  • Arborfield issues evacuation order as breach gives way to approaching floodwaters

    “We would cover the first four feet (worth of water) damage to the home, and anything higher than four feet would not be covered,” she explained.

    In areas affected by the recent rash of flooding, homeowners may be able to submit a claim through the Provincial Disaster Assistance Program (PDAP).

    Brinkworth added that if you’re filing a claim, it is helpful to document possessions lost or damaged, and the more pictures or video of the damage you provide the better.

    Flood insurance is rare right now, but it is an issue that’s on the federal government’s radar.

    Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said it’s a concern that in many cases flood damage is ineligible for insurance.

    “We’re working with the industry now to see what kind of arrangements can be made and what kind of policies can be written to engage the private sector insurance business to help deal with these issues,” he said.

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Winnipeg Blue Bombers look for rare win against Edmonton Eskimos

Cornerback Maurice Leggett has done a lot in two-plus seasons with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, but beating the Edmonton Eskimos isn’t on the list.

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  • Eskimos linebacker out 12-16 weeks with injury

  • Harris, Redblacks beat Eskimos 45-37 in OT

  • Former quarterback Ken Ploen to be inducted to Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ Ring of Honour

    “It’s frustrating you know, since I’ve been here we haven’t won against Edmonton, and we’re just trying to get the ball rolling against them,” said Leggett, who recalled listening to retired NBA star Kobe Bryant talk about how he hated the Phoenix Suns, a team his Los Angeles Lakers struggled to beat.

    “I guess I’ve got the same feeling.”

    Winnipeg (1-2) picked up their first win of the season in Hamilton last week, Leggett named a CFL top performer for two interceptions (one for a 50-yard touchdown), five defensive tackles and one sack. Building on that win will be tough, as the Bombers haven’t managed to best the Eskimos since July 26, 2012, despite a few heartbreakingly close games.

    READ MORE: Winnipeg Blue Bombers LB Maurice Leggett honoured following two interception game

    The defending Grey Cup champion Eskimos (1-1) will be no easier to beat this time, said Winnipeg quarterback Drew Willy, still trying to hit his stride after missing most of last season due to injury. But he said he doesn’t look at this game as a way to measure the depth of the 2016 Bombers against a key rival.

    “I don’t think of it that way, obviously we’re playing a good team,” said Willy, whose 940 passing yards rank him second only to Ottawa’s Trevor Harris so far this season, partly thanks to his one-game lead on pivots such as Edmonton’s Mike Reilly.

    “We know we need to be ready. We definitely had a good week of practice, a week of preparation . . . we’re definitely looking forward to it.”

    Running back Andrew Harris said the Winnipeg’s win in Hamilton last week was important, but the team has put that in the closet.

    “I think we flushed the win just like you would flush a loss . . . Every week you’ve got to flush it,” said the former CFL all-star, one of Winnipeg’s top additions this season.

    But it did give the team a much-needed lift after dropping their first two of the season.

    “After last week the intensity picked up in practice.”

    It’s early but Harris, a Winnipeg native, ranks second in CFL rushing yards this season behind only Calgary’s Jerome Messam.

    The Bombers will be playing without kick returner Quincy McDuffie. Halfback Kevin Fogg will be first on the depth chart.

    “Kevin Fogg is a guy who appears to be able to run all day,” said Bombers coach Mike O’Shea, praising his ability to play offence, defence and special teams.

    “Guys like this are hard to find.”

    The offences led by Reilly and Willy have both suffered from slow starts this season but Reilly says that doesn’t bother him.

    “We don’t panic,” he said as he returned to the site of his Grey Cup win last November.

    “We know a football game is four quarters and, apparently for us, four quarters and an overtime, but we know that there’s a lot of football to be played.”

    READ MORE: Eskimos beat Roughriders in OT; hand loss to former coach

    Both Edmonton’s games so far have been decided in overtime. And despite the Eskimos’ winning record against the Bombers, Reilly said he takes nothing for granted.

    “You come into this stadium you know you’re in for a dogfight.”

    Rookie Edmonton coach Jason Maas and O’Shea have history together on the staff of the Toronto Argonauts, where they both shared in the team’s 2012 Grey Cup win.

    “I think we’ll both be prepared, that’s what I know about Mike,” said Maas, who was offensive co-ordinator of the Ottawa Redblacks last season and watched his current team take the Cup from the opposing sideline in Winnipeg.

    He would like to see a stronger start Thursday.

    “We’ve been starting slow, stopping ourselves in games.”

    He also saw the pressure Winnipeg put on Hamilton’s quarterback last week.

    “We’ve got to protect our quarterback and protect the ball . . . It’s hard to turn over the ball six times in a game and beat them.”

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87 drug and weapons charges laid against 10 people in downtown Edmonton

After seizing meth, marijuana, contraband tobacco, weapons, ammunition, drug-trafficking paraphernalia and swords during traffic stops and search warrants, Edmonton police have charged 10 people with 87 offences.

Between mid-June and early July, downtown division officers conducted several investigations “to deter the trafficking of controlled substances in Edmonton’s downtown core,” police said.

ChangSha Night Net


  • Alleged fentanyl supplier busted in Edmonton; 1,000 pills, $50K in drugs seized

  • 4kg of W-18, thousands of fentanyl pills seized; Edmonton couple charged

  • Theft from vehicles in downtown Edmonton spikes 111% over last year

    During a traffic stop on June 28 near 116 Street and 104 Avenue, officers found 67 grams of meth, bags of marijuana and drug-trafficking paraphernalia. They also found a sword, a loaded gun and ammunition as well as several other weapons. A number of cell phones were also found.

    During that traffic stop, 38-year-old Nancy Chouinard and 29-year-old Brandon Cardinal were arrested. Both are facing a number of charges, including possession for the purpose of trafficking and possession of a restricted firearm that police said was loaded at the time.

    On July 1, police executed a search warrant at an apartment in the area of 106 Street and 107 Avenue. They seized 1.4 kilograms of marijuana, nearly $20,000 in cash and contraband tobacco.

    David Petric, 60, was arrested near the apartment and charged with two counts of trafficking a controlled substance and possession for the purpose of trafficking.

    On July 7, a search warrant was executed near 109 Avenue and 82 Street, where officers found meth, marijuana, scales, drug bags and a sword.

    Hans Behrens, 52, was arrested and charged with two counts of trafficking a controlled substance, possession for the purpose of trafficking and possession of an offensive weapon dangerous to the public.

    Six other people were arrested and charged over the course of the investigations for offences related to trafficking meth, GHB and cocaine.

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University of Calgary basketball coach charged with sexual exploitation

A 25-year-old assistant coach with the University of Calgary’s Junior Dinos basketball program has been charged with sexual exploitation.

Airdrie RCMP said they charged Kristie Sheils with one count of sexual exploitation of a young person. The name of the victim, who police say is a youth, cannot be released.

Airdrie RCMP said they received a complaint on July 1. Sheils was charged on July 11.

ChangSha Night Net

The University of Calgary lists Kristie Sheils as a women’s basketball summer camp coach.

The University of Calgary’s website says any youth between the ages of seven and 17 can become a member of the Junior Dinos.

The university issued a statement in response to the charge laid against Sheils on Wednesday afternoon.

“The university takes the safety of everyone on campus very seriously and follows strict hiring procedures for coaching staff, including mandatory vulnerable sector checks when working with youth,” the statement read in part.

Sheils appeared in court in Calgary Tuesday morning where she was released on several conditions, which include:

Not to have contact with the victimNot to have contact with any children under 18 unless the youth is in the presence of an adult who is at least 21Not to be employed or engaged in volunteer service which would put her in a position of trust or authority to children under 18

Sheils is scheduled to appear in court in Calgary on Thursday.

You can read the entire statement from the University of Calgary below:

The University of Calgary is cooperating with RCMP on an investigation related to an assistant basketball coach with the Junior Dinos program. The accused was a member of the Dinos women’s basketball team for four years (2012 – 2016), was a coach with the Junior Dinos basketball program for three years, and recently completed a bachelor of arts degree. She has been relieved of her coaching duties. The university takes the safety of everyone on campus very seriously and follows strict hiring procedures for coaching staff, including mandatory vulnerable sector checks when working with youth. As the matter is now before the courts, the university will have no further comment.

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Price of Winnipeg condos takes downward dip

WINNIPEG —; Condo hunters in Winnipeg are in for a deal right now.

Royal LePage Prime Real Estate’s survey released Wednesday showed a nearly four per cent drop in condominium prices from the same time last year. Royal LePage said the median price is just over $206,000.

Peter Squire with the Winnipeg Realtors Association said the price drop is thanks to a few key reasons.

“There is an oversupply presently in our market. As a result there is some downward pressure on prices,” said Squire.

ChangSha Night Net

He explains an over-supply means a competition vying for the buyers’ attention.

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“It’s really a competition between single family homes and condos. So, again it makes the value proposition for condos a little more challenging. Not only competing against other condos because there are so many, but they’re also competing against some affordable family homes in the city.”

Royal LePage and the Winnipeg Realtors Association both explain an easy way to understand Winnipeg’s condo prices is to remember the rules of supply and demand.

“Rise in inventory gives buyers more selection. They can go in to a lot of different buildings right now. Generally speaking then that means prices tend to go down when the demand isn’t there,” said Michael Froese with Royal LePage.

RELATED: Condo and townhome prices continue to rise in Metro Vancouver

Squire says condos and homes competing for the same buyers is a situation almost unique to Winnipeg. Especially when you look at the drastic climb in cost in cities like Vancouver and Toronto.

Both experts agree while the competition continues, they can expect in the next one to five years, condos will increase in cost once again.

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Popularity of Pokémon Go spurs Richmond RCMP to issue safety tips

Even though the ridiculously popular mobile game Pokémon Go is not ‘officially’ offered in Canada yet, many tech-savvy Canadians have managed to download the app.

And due to the nature of the augmented reality game, which has users leave their homes and use their phone cameras to view digital creatures in real space, Richmond RCMP are offering a few tips to enjoy the game and reduce risks to players.

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While there’s no word on when the app will be available in Canada, stories from around the world are popping up about weird or dangerous encounters while playing the game.

“We are most concerned with the safety of potential players. This type of gaming is novel and its early adoption is rather unprecedented. It can be very easy to get so caught up in something and ignore safety entirely,” RCMP Richmond Cpl Dennis Hwang said in a statement.

The sudden popularity of Pokémon GO has raised concerns about possible privacy breaches, potential injuries (caused by people looking at their smartphone screens and not where they’re walking) and even being lured into robberies, according to some reports.

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Some of the Mounties tips include being aware of your surroundings while playing the game; being respectful of the property of others and mindful of the volume of your group interactions (especially at night).

The Richmond RCMP also have concerns over the game when it comes to distracted driving or walking, damage to property; going out alone and searching for Pokémon, PokéStops or Pokémon Gyms and playing in areas at night with poor lighting.

In response to Pokemon Go’s popularity, Richmond RCMP sent this tweet out on July 12, 2016.

Richmond RCMP

In addition to player safety, Richmond RCMP are concerned about using police resources to investigate Pokémon gatherings or incidents.

“When we are dispatched to calls involving groups of individuals, officer safety is paramount. Typically we would deploy multiple officers to investigate,” Hwang said.

“We do not wish to be spoilsports, as many of our officers enjoy gaming too, but we want to make sure that our resources are not tied up investigating Pokémon players or gatherings, especially when our assistance can be wisely allocated elsewhere. Hopefully, our tips will help. Pika Pika!“

What is Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go combines geocaching and virtual reality to allow users to hunt for Pokémon in real-life environments like your bedroom, or the park down the street.

First, users are instructed to head to local landmarks – known as “Pokestops” – where they collect “Pokeballs” that help capture the Pokémon creatures. After that, you follow your virtual map hunting for Pokémon. Once you find them, you throw Pokeballs at them to capture them.

WATCH: The Baltimore Police Department released video of a car crash that was the result of the driver being distracted while playing Pokemon Go.

Once users train their Pokémon, they head to locations known as “gyms” to pit them against each other.

Of course, none of this will make sense unless you are already familiar with Pokémon – a popular Japanese anime and videogame series where trainers capture “pocket creatures” known as Pokémon and train them to fight each other.

WATCH: Tuesday night at the University of Maryland, three armed robberies by a masked gunman were pulled off in quick succession. Four people were victimized and University Police on Wednesday said three of them were distracted at the time by Pokemon Go. Scott Broom reports.

~ with files from Nick Logan and Nicole Bogart

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Captive British journalist John Cantlie appears in new ISIS propaganda

British journalist John Cantlie, who has been held hostage by the so-called Islamic State since 2012, has appeared in a new propaganda video for the terror group.

Cantlie was last seen in a video released in March and now looks noticeably thinner in the latest recording, released Tuesday by the ISIS-affiliated media outlet Amaq.

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    The video purports to show Cantlie, 45, criticizing the U.S.-led coalition for bombing Mosul University in the ISIS-held city in Iraq.

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    “If you look behind me you’ll see it’s been pretty much smashed to pieces. You have to ask yourself: ‘’Why did the coalition decide to destroy the university?’” Cantlie says, dressed in a long grey button-down shirt and black pants.

    “The level of destruction is absolutely massive. Mosul University was the biggest and finest in all of Iraq.”

    “If it was a military point or a weapons cache or a training ground for the mujahedeen perhaps you could understand — but it was simply Mosul’s and Iraq’s finest university, now reduced to a huge pile of rubble.”

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    Global News cannot independently confirm whether the new video is authentic.

    Cantlie was kidnapped in Syria in November 2012 along with U.S. journalist James Foley, who was beheaded on camera by ISIS militants in 2014.

    Cantlie’s father, Paul, died in 2014, recorded a video from his hospital bed pleading for his son’s freedom.

    Accounts from former ISIS hostages of other nationalities, whose releases came after hefty ransoms were paid, detailed how Cantlie, Foley and others were physically and psychologically tortured at the hands of ISIS.

    Cantlie’s supporters, including his sister Jessica, have criticized the British government for failing to broker his release, according to the Guardian.

    *With files from Nick Logan

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