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Hundreds evacuated, communities devastated after over 100mm of rain

Posted by on 24/03/2019

Over 100 millimetres of rain left parts of Saskatchewan swamped, but there’s good news in the forecast.

Rainfall Totals                                                  

All rainfall warnings have ended across Saskatchewan after some areas received as much as 119 millimetres of rain between Monday and Wednesday.

Over 100 millimetres of rain was reported in parts of Saskatchewan.

SkyTracker Weather

The hardest hit areas were northeast of Saskatoon as well as the Swift Current area.

Bjorkdale recorded the highest amount of rain at 119 millimetres followed by Pennant at 112 and Zenon Park at 104 millimetres.

States of emergency remain in effect for a number of communities as a result of the flooding and the entire town of Aborfield remains evacuated after a mass of water being held by a hold-back road breached its banks and gushed toward the community.

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There is good news in the forecast – drier weather is expected across the region in the days ahead.

Saskatoon Forecast

Here is your Saskatoon SkyTracker 7-Day Forecast.

SkyTracker Weather

ChangSha Night Net


Behind the low pressure system that brought in the rain, Saskatoon has been sitting in a cooler northwesterly flow with sustained speeds up to 30 gusting upwards of 45 km/h.

We started the day off under mostly cloudy skies with temperatures around 12 degrees before warming up to the low 20s by noon with the humidex making it feel like the mid-20s.

We may warm another degree or two through the afternoon, but otherwise this will basically be the scenario heading through the rest of the day.


Mostly to partly cloudy skies are expected to continue tonight with winds easing off as temperatures fall back to around 11 degrees.


Partly cloudy skies will start our day tomorrow with some cloud cover increasing through the day and a slight chance of late day showers.

We’re looking at temperatures remaining a bit cooler, still in a cooler northerly flow aloft keeping our daytime high back in the low 20s.


Friday it looks like we’ll be a degree or two warmer under a mix of sun and cloud through the day.

Weekend Outlook

We’ll climb out of the cool spell this weekend as temperatures return to the mid-20s both days.

As an upper ridge builds in, we’ll sit under mostly sunny skies on Saturday and the ridge looks like it may continue to dominate on Sunday, with just a slight risk of late day showers or thunderstorms as clouds build in through the day as a surface trough tries to slide in under the ridge.

Conditions continue to warm into early next week with daytime highs potentially pushing up toward the high 20s.

Lorraine Blazieko took this Your Saskatchewan photo of a family of ducks in her Saskatoon flower bed:

July 13: Lorraine Blazieko took this Your Saskatchewan photo of a family of ducks in her Saskatoon flower bed.

Lorraine Blazieko / Viewer Submitted

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