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Manitobans spend less on wedding gifts compared to most provinces: Survey

Posted by on 21/11/2018

WINNIPEG —; The summer months are packed with weddings, and that means it’s one of the most expensive gift-giving times of the year.

A new survey by Ebates长沙夜网 and released by Consolidated Credit found Manitobans spend less than the national average on wedding presents. According to the survey, we spend an average of $133 on gifts, while the national average is $146. The only other province to spend less was Quebec, which came it at $120.

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If you’re hoping to score a large gift at your wedding, it seems Alberta is the place to throw your celebration. The survey found Albertans spend an average of $218 on wedding gifts.

Gift spending across provinces

Alberta: $218Atlantic: $153British Columbia: $146Ontario: $143Manitoba/Saskatchewan: $133Quebec: $120

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    On a national level, the survey said men spend an average of $179 compared to $117 for women. Single people spend more than married couples by 24 per cent.

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    The survey also asked what kinds of gifts most Canadians tend to give as wedding presents. In Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, cash was king; more than 40 per cent in each province went for the wallet.  The rest of the country came in under 40 per cent.

    In Manitoba, it is common practice for the newlyweds to be given a “presentation” envelope with money in it.

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    More than three provinces were in the 40 per cent range for “store-bought gifts”; British Columbia, Alberta and Atlantic Canada.

    Although Manitobans are spending less on gifts, a 2014 BMO InvestorLine survey found people on the prairies (Manitoba and Saskatchewan) expected to shell out more money on their weddings than anywhere else in Canada, at $27,239.

    Respondents in Alberta anticipated paying $24,360 to tie the knot. The national average was $14,761.

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