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Pokémon hunting hits downtown Halifax

Posted by on 24/07/2019

The next time you’re walking through downtown Halifax keep your eyes peeled for Pokémon hunters.

“We are on a serious mission right now,” Nikki Sullivan, a Pokémon Go player, said.

Sullivan and her friends have been steadily playing the virtual game ever since they downloaded the app.

“We’ve been hooked ever since… completely addicted.”

Although the app hasn’t officially been released in Canada yet, people are finding ways to download it.

ChangSha Night Net

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Sullivan isn’t alone in her obsession. Even tourists visiting Halifax from Australia can’t get enough of the game.

“Actually it only came out while we were in Canada and all the people back home we’re playing it,” Ashwin Chandekar, who’s visiting with his family, said.

“We decided to download it and play here. It’s crazy, I’ve never experienced anything like it.”

When playing Pokémon Go, players track Pokémon through GPS maps on their phones. The maps simulate the exact locations the players are in.

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Some hot spots for players include tourist attractions like the Public Gardens and Halifax’s waterfront, but Pokémon have been known to show up in businesses as well, including the Stubborn Goat Beer Garden.

“I was enjoying a beverage and basically the creature just kind of appeared and apparently it’s a pretty rare one,” bartender Chloe Zinck said.

Zinck caught the Rhyhorn, one of several virtual monsters that people throughout the city are steadily hunting.

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