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SGI doesn’t carry flood insurance, but there are other options for Sask. flood victims

Posted by on 24/09/2019

The flood damage in Arborfield , Sask. and Estevan, Sask. means some residents will be making insurance claims, but there may be some issues for claimants.

SGI does offer optional coverage for flooding coming from sewage back-ups, but some people may be left high and dry.

“When it comes to damage from seepage or flooding, generally speaking, that isn’t covered by insurance,” SGI media relations manager Kelley Brinkworth said.

“Flood protection is a new product in the marketplace in Canada, so there are only a few insurers that do cover it. SGI Canada is not one of those insurers.”

If a person can’t tell whether damage was caused purely by flood waters or sewage back-up that resulted from a flood, Brinkworth said SGI may be able to provide some coverage.

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    “We would cover the first four feet (worth of water) damage to the home, and anything higher than four feet would not be covered,” she explained.

    In areas affected by the recent rash of flooding, homeowners may be able to submit a claim through the Provincial Disaster Assistance Program (PDAP).

    Brinkworth added that if you’re filing a claim, it is helpful to document possessions lost or damaged, and the more pictures or video of the damage you provide the better.

    Flood insurance is rare right now, but it is an issue that’s on the federal government’s radar.

    Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said it’s a concern that in many cases flood damage is ineligible for insurance.

    “We’re working with the industry now to see what kind of arrangements can be made and what kind of policies can be written to engage the private sector insurance business to help deal with these issues,” he said.

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