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Winnipeg police board to seek annual updates on armoured vehicle

Posted by on 21/11/2018

WINNIPEG —; The Winnipeg police board will be seeking annual reports on how often the police service’s new armoured vehicle is being used and under what circumstances.

The new vehicle, known as ARV1, was first deployed near the end of last week at a call in the North End.

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“At our discretion the board can request for more reporting as is necessary but we’re going to start with an annual report,” said police board chair and city councillor Scott Gillingham.

Police have agreed to provide the police board with that information.

“We want to share with the public the success stories and educate about how it’s being used,” said Constable Jason Michalyshyn with the Winnipeg Police Service.

Some police departments across Canada readily disclose how often their armoured vehicles are used.

The Calgary Police Service uses theirs between 30-35 times per month, on average.

While Medicine Hat, with a population of just over 60,000 has used theirs four times in the last year.

However, other police departments, like Edmonton’s, Hamilton’s and York Region’s, wouldn’t share any details about how their armoured vehicles are deployed.

The Winnipeg Police Service is still in the initial stages of planning how they will keep the public informed about ARV1 deployments but say they’re committed to keeping the public up to date.

“We’re eager to talk to the media and the public about the purchase of this vehicle and how it’s going to make us dealing with volatile situations in the best way possible,” said Constable Michalsyhyn.

The Police Board hasn’t decided on when they want the first ARV1 report to be submitted.

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